Van Rental

Group travel arrangements are made simple with a van rental, and who doesn’t like things simple? At Allsave Car Rental Maui, we make it our priority to provide the absolute perfect vehicle to our customers. For family vacations and weekend getaways, rent a van and experience the Hawaii bliss together.

Sharing wonderful memories and bonding is more fun when traveling together in a rental van. Don’t let your vacation from the mainland pass you by—check out the van rentals in Maui from Allsave Car Rental Maui. Request an online reservation today, or contact us at (808) 875-9200 to receive more information about any of our services and vehicles, including car rentals, SUV rentals, and cash car rentals.

Passenger Van Rental

Preparation is your best friend when it comes to planning a large wedding or traveling for business conferences. Having the proper vehicle for your family, wedding parties, or work colleagues can save you from unwanted stress and hassles. Our 11 and 15 passenger van rentals have room for even the largest groups to enjoy the trip to their destination, and you can avoid multiple taxis and pricey limousines.

Minivan Rental

Family vacations are made better with a minivan rental thanks to their seven- to eight-person seating capacities and extra legroom. Have your own personal space as you travel to the beach or a luau dinner and prepare yourselves for a Hawaiian treat. Our mini van rentals come with unlimited mileage, are new models, and are serviced after each rental period for the safety of our customers. Feel secure behind the wheel as your family enjoys the landscape of Maui.

Cargo Van Rental

Make your move quick and somewhat painless and grab a cargo van rental. With a cargo van, you are free to move your belongings from location to location safely and affordably. Avoid pricey moving companies when you can do the work yourself. These cargo vans are also great vehicles for weekend surfers, local bands, artists, and film producers to help lug their gear around the island of Maui.

Maui Van Rental

As a smaller, independently owned business in Kihei, Allsave Car Rental Maui believes that customers come first. Although many car rental  and van rental companies say they strive for customer satisfaction, we actually do. Our vehicle selection and policies make us one of the most respected, family-owned companies on the island of Maui to rent a van from. So when you need to make your travels as comfortable as possible, let the agents at Allsave Car Rental Maui take care of you.

Along with van rentals, we also serve the residents and vacationers of Kahului and Kihei with affordable car rentals, truck rentals, Jeep rentals, SUV rentals, and airport rentals. Take comfort in knowing that you’ll be receiving the best van rental deal on the island. Request your online reservation or contact us at (808) 875-9200 for more information and get out on the open road.