Nothing makes us happier at Allsave Car Rental than a family beach trip. Fewer things bring us more joy than seeing our valued customers having a good time together on the beach, sun, and water. Yet, there are several safety measures that must be done in order to guarantee a wonderful vacation. Read on to learn the top three strategies to make sure your family has a safe and enjoyable trip to Hawaii this year.

3 Safety Tips for Hawaiian Vacations

1. Watch the Waves

Many of our visitors are coming from landlocked states and are, therefore, unfamiliar with the dangers of unpredictable waves. Even if you have experience with the water, a strong undertow or large wave can be quite unsettling and dangerous. Make sure you always pay attention and pick a beach with manageable waves because some regions will prohibit accessing the ocean due to severe waves. In order to allow your small children to enjoy the water without risk, try to select a beach with a bay or a cove that has calm waves and shallow water.

2. Watch the Sun

When visiting the Hawaiian Islands, keep in mind that the sun will probably be stronger than you are used to. Even if you already have a “base tan,” spending too much time in the sun can still result in sunburns or other skin damage. Therefore, you should always apply sunscreen to both you and your children before going outside. Then, once you’re at the beach, remember to reapply every few hours, especially if you’ve been swimming in the ocean or perspiring. Nothing ruins a beach vacation faster than a bad sunburn, so avoid it at all costs!

3. Watch the Road

The roads in Hawaii are also likely to be different than what you’re used to. Unless you stay in the two-block radius around your hotel, you’re likely to find some narrow, mountainous, and serpentine roads that you’ll need to drive slowly and safely on. Jeeps are a common choice of vehicle for both tourists and locals, due to their ability to manage the island’s rocky natural roadways.

Have a safe and fun-filled vacation this year with the help of your friends at Allsave Car Rental. Contact us today at (808) 875-9200 and check out our specials before your visit. We can’t wait to help you get around during your stay.

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