Moving is a stressful ordeal, even in a beautiful place like Maui. However, with a truck rental from Allsave Car Rental Maui, you can make quick work of transporting your belongings and avoid renting an expensive moving truck. Once you’ve reserved a truck rental for moving day, it’s time to start packing.

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Pack Smart

1. Declutter

As you pack up your belongings, toss or donate any items you haven’t used in a while. The more you get rid of, the less you have to pack and move.

2. Collect Quality Boxes

To minimize the chance of a box tearing or soiling your belongings, we recommend purchasing moving boxes. If, however, you choose to repurpose grocery and shipping boxes, make sure they are clean and solid. Also, to minimize the number of boxes you need to acquire, repurpose laundry baskets, plastic totes, storage bins, etc. into moving containers.

3. Pack a Little Bit Every Day

Packing up your entire life is a daunting task. Rather than trying to tackle it all at the last minute, plan ahead by packing at least one hour per day for the weeks leading up to the move. Gradually packing one room at a time will help you to stay focused and organized.

4. Color-Coded Boxes

When moving day arrives, the last thing you want is for all of your boxes to end up in random piles throughout the home. To avoid this, color code each box according to room. This allows you and your moving team to know exactly where each box belongs in your new residence.

5. Create a Box of Moving Essentials

Think of the items you will need on your first day in your new home: cleaning supplies, tools, linens and towels, toiletries, clothes, snacks, etc. Pack all of these essential items into a single box or tote so you can easily access them after the move.

Request a Reservation

No matter how big the move, a truck rental from Allsave is going to save you time and money. Additionally, we offer spacious van rentals that will keep your belongings safe and dry. For more information, call our Kihei office at (808) 875-9200 or request a reservation online today. 

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