It’s no secret that Maui is one of the world’s top destinations for nature lovers. The island’s natural beauty is abundant around every turn. Sometimes, however, you need to look beneath the surface to find Maui’s true magic. Today, we’ll talk about seeing Maui from a new perspective – from beneath the waves.

An aquatic adventure with Atlantis Submarines Maui will give you and your family a chance to see Hawaii through the eyes of your favorite marine creatures. Located at 658 Front Street, Suite 175 Lahaina, HI 96761, Atlantis Submarine is just a short drive away when you rent a car from Allsave Car Rental.

Atlantis Submarines offers guests a unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of Maui’s underwater splendor in a state-of-the-art, 48-passenger submarine. You will plunge to depths of up to 100 feet and become immersed in an almost alien, underwater world.

Atlantis Submarines doesn’t just want to take you on a trip under the sea- they also want to help passengers develop their own love for the ocean and marine conservation. In an attempt to foster diversity in the Lahaina Coast ecosystem and to give their passengers more opportunities to spy sea life, Atlantis Submarines has submerged an out-of-commission ship to create an artificial reef.


A Maui submarine tour from Atlantis Submarines will run you around $100 for adults and $35 for children. They sometimes offer special discounted, online prices and seasonal deals. Consult the site for any changes in pricing. wants you to get the most out of your Maui excursion. We know that vacations can cost a pretty penny, and that’s why our cheap car rentals will help you enjoy all of the activities on your agenda in comfort and style without breaking the holiday budget. Contact Allsave today at 808-875-9200 and let us help make your Hawaii dream vacation a reality.

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