It’s the most magical time of the year in Maui: whale watching season! Every year, North Pacific humpback whales descend upon the warm Hawaiian waters to mate and birth their calves. With a car rental from Allsave Car Rental Maui, you can cruise the coast and catch some fantastic views of these majestic creatures.

Whale Watching on Maui

February is Prime Time Whale Watching Season!

Every fall, humpback whales begin to appear in the warm Hawaiian waters. The whales typically stay until March or April, and then migrate north to Alaska. February is considered the peak of the whale watching season, as more whales are present than at any other time of the year!

Whale Facts

North Pacific humpback whales (known in Hawaii as Kohola) are the fifth largest whale species in the world, weighing in between 25-40 tons! The winter migration also coincides with birthing and mating season. A newborn whale can weigh up to one ton at birth. Female whales are typically larger than the males and can grow up to 60 feet in length. The average life expectancy of the Kohola is 50 years.

What to Look For

Whales exhibit a variety of behaviors above the water that, if you’re lucky, you can view from the shoreline. Adult humpbacks resurface every 10-15 minutes to breathe; keep an eye out for the blowing spray above the water. Also, whales slap the surface with their fluke (tail) or pectoral fins (flippers) to communicate with one another. The most majestic whale behavior a person could hope to witness is a whale breaching; this is when a whale launches out of the ocean and splashes forcefully against the surface.

Best Shoreline Viewing

Whale watching is most popular along the western shore of the island. Sightings are common along Highway 30 between Ma’alaea and Lahaina. Whales are also common off of South Maui near our location in Kihei and off the north shore beaches of Paia Bay and Ho’okipa Beach Park.

Car Rentals 

Begin your whale watching adventure at Allsave Car Rental Maui in Kahului. With our convenient location just outside of Kahului Airport, you can quickly grab the wheel and head up the coast. Our airport car rentals come with free unlimited mileage, and we promise to match or beat our competitors’ rental rates. To reserve a car, van, or Jeep rental for your Hawaiian adventure, call today at (808) 868-0071

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