Maui is a vacation destination with a variety of experiences. From the tourism to agriculture, Hawaiian culture is primed for exploration. The ultimate experience each visitor must have is visiting a local pineapple plantation! Tasting field-ripened pineapple is on every foodie’s bucket list! At Allsave Car Rental Maui, we specialize in executing your vacation excursions. With exceptional car, van, and Jeep rentals, you’ll be on your way to explore in no time. Pick your ride, and arrive in style while you tour beautiful Maui!

Pineapple Plantation Tours in Maui

For added culture and flavor to your Hawaiian vacation, take a pineapple plantation tour! As featured in Maui’s travel guide, Adventure Maui, pineapple plantation tours are an exciting addition to your trip. 

Pineapple Plantation

Cultural Immersion

In a 2-hour excursion, you’ll visit the only pineapple plantation tour of its kind in the United States! Immerse yourself in the local agricultural practices with history, facts, and trivia. You’ll learn the importance of the pineapple crop to native Hawaiians.  

Agricultural Experience

Maui Gold and Hali’imaile Pineapple Company offer pineapple plantation tours in central Maui. Be ready for a full circle agricultural tour starting in the fields with planting, growing, and harvesting. Once cut from the fields, pineapple is sent to packing facilities. Finally, you’ll see how the crop is packed and shipped to your local grocery store.

Nature’s Candy

Your guided tour explores the growing process of pineapple, allowing for taste testing throughout each stage. Pineapples are packed with juicy, extra-sweet flavor and Vitamin C, proving it’s truly nature’s candy. Visitors even go home with a pineapple of their own! Don’t forget to stop by the Hali’imaile General Store to purchase a few extra pineapples to ship home.

In addition to our beautiful beaches, the golden pineapple crop is Maui’s pride and joy. Begin your pineapple plantation tour by calling (808) 875-9200 to reserve your rental car with Allsave.

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