When traveling to Maui with a group, taking in all the beautiful sites together makes the trip infinitely more enjoyable. The travel itself is where much of the fun is! This becomes much more difficult if you split your group into separate vehicles. Rent a passenger van from Allsave Car Rental for a cost-effective option of traveling around Maui in comfort.

Rent a Passenger Van for Your Maui Vacation

Save Money

It’s important to keep in mind that renting one car, even a bigger van, is less expensive than renting two or more midsize SUVs or cars. This is especially true if you take advantage of our specials! You not only spend less money on the actual rental car, but you also use less fuel when you drive one vehicle as opposed to multiple. The money you save on your rental vehicle can be put towards more vacation adventures.

Travel Together

Consider traveling through our lovely island with family and friends at your side, taking in all the sights and sounds Maui has to offer. Rent a passenger van instead of dividing your group and renting multiple smaller vehicles. This enables your group to maximize their time while visiting Maui or anywhere else your travels take you.

Sit Comfortably

There is plenty of space in a rental passenger van for people, baggage, groceries, beverages, and other items. We provide 12-passenger and 15-passenger vans that may precisely fit your group to make your time here more comfortable. Go with our popular 15-passenger van rentals to make the most of the capacity offered. They have all of the amenities of smaller vans but can comfortably fit large groups or wedding parties.

Allsave Car Rental has several convenient locations and even offers a free airport shuttle. Our fleet includes a variety of car rentals, van rentals, SUV rentals, and more. Contact us today at (877) 722-1116 to book a reservation.

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