Traveling with a large group of friends or family members can be a hectic experience at times. Properly planning ahead, however, can mitigate some of the road trip chaos and help eliminate some unfortunate surprises that might crop up while trying to enjoy a relaxing trip. Today we have some suggestions for road trip essentials when exploring Hawaii with your Maui car rental.

Below are some tips about packing your Maui car rental for the ultimate road trip experience from the travel experts of Allsave Car Rental.

Essential Supplies

Here’s a quick look at some road trip essentials that no intrepid traveler should leave behind.

Physical Maps: You always want to bring along physical maps of the areas you’ll be traveling in; you never know when your phone or GPS will lose power or Internet connectivity.

Comfort: You may be in the car for hours, so make sure to pack comfortable clothing and shoes. A sleeping mask, neck pillow, and earplugs might be necessary if you want to get some rest on the way to your next destination. Obviously if you’re driving, napping is a no-go.

Snacks: Don’t forget snacks! Fill a cooler with drinks, fruit, and a few treats to hold you over until you find your favorite restaurant. Snacks are also a great way to motivate kids if you’re trying to entertain them with educational games.

Keep the Kids Busy

Bringing children on a long drive can become frustrating for parents and boring for children. Avoid car cabin fever by keeping the kids entertained with road games like I Spy, 20 Questions, Name That Tune – the list goes on. You can even work with the kids to come up with a fun game all your own.

For Emergencies

Here are just a few things you should always include in an automotive emergency kit in case you encounter an unexpected obstacle while traveling.

  • flashlight
  • jumper cables
  • road flares
  • water/non-perishable food
  • blankets
  • change of clothes

To turn your next road trip into the exhilarating adventure you deserve, contact Allsave Car Rental today at (808) 875-9200. When you reserve a Maui car rental from our extensive fleet, you’re guaranteed a safe, accommodating vehicle that’s perfect for navigating the island in style.

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