Maui is full of exciting adventure for travelers who wish to get the most out of their excursion to the beautiful island. Not only is it home to a number of luxurious resorts, but the natural wonder of its landscape gives way to a number of exhilarating activities that don’t involve sitting inside a hotel.

Being on the Pacific Ocean only adds to the endless amount of adventure you and your loved ones can be involved in. For those of us that enjoy surfing, both the seasoned enthusiast and novice, there are plenty of spots to visit that can feed that interest. The winter months are some of the best times of the year for surfing in Maui. In the west of the island, at Honolulu Bay, you can take in the sights of veteran surfers taking on major swells of Pacific Ocean waves. Sometimes the surfers are even taken out to the breaks pulled behind a jet ski.

For the beginner surfer, there are less-intense spots to attempt riding the waves in both the West and South sides of Maui. Beginners can get started out the safe way by learning stand-up paddle boarding. It is a great workout that involves standing on a wider-based surfboard while maneuvering around with a paddle. Once you have the mechanics and balance worked out, you’ll be ready to attack some real waves and maybe one day find yourself being pulled out by the big waves behind a jet ski.

Not only does the Pacific Ocean provide great spots for surfing, but the magnificent body of water provides plenty of opportunities for other water-based activities. There’s plenty of time in your vacation to arrange for some underwater sightseeing. Snorkeling is one great way for you to behold the lovely sights that usually go unseen beneath the ocean’s surface.

Hookipa Beach Park is a wonderful place to experience one of the most exciting water sports of all – windsurfing. Due to the strong surf and turbulent winds, this is an expert-only windsurfer spot, and even hosts high-profile windsurfing competitions. Although it is a spectator-only experience, coral reefs in the area create a wonderful pool for anyone to take a refreshing dip during calm tides.

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