Did you know that in addition to providing top-notch rental cars, Allsave Car Rental also has a large fleet of van rentals to accommodate all of your transportation and hauling needs? One of our favorite vehicles in this fleet is the cargo van. Not only does it provide much-needed storage capacity, but cargo vans are also easier and more practical to drive than conventional moving trucks. Here are three reasons why renting a cargo van may be the best option for you.

Reasons to Rent a Cargo Van

1. Moving Day

Moving is a hassle for all parties involved, and while it’s true that a cargo van likely cannot handle a whole house move, it can definitely come in handy. If you’ve hired movers to do the big furniture, driving a cargo van yourself might be a good idea for the smaller items or fragile items you’d rather keep close by. Cargo vans can also be useful for smaller moves like from office to office or out of a small apartment. Cargo vans offer plenty of space for your things and are easier to drive than a full moving truck, so they are often a great choice!

2. Special Delivery

Another popular reason our customers choose to rent a cargo van is for work-related deliveries. If deliveries are not a part of your job year-round, it can make more sense to rent a van short term rather than to purchase one. Perhaps the upcoming holidays are your busiest time of year for deliveries and the extra space would make your life easier. Rent a cargo van and take advantage of the extra hauling capacity this year!

3. School Spirit

Finally, one of our favorite reasons we see customers rent a cargo van is to support their kids’ extracurricular activities. They use the van to drive with the team to championship games or band competitions. All of the equipment you’ll need to carry can be readily transported in a cargo van. Our vans offer the room you require so that you can enjoy the big game or tournament, including space for coolers, baggage, and sports equipment like kayaks, bicycles, and other sporting goods.

Ready to rent a cargo van or pickup truck in Maui? Allsave Car Rental has you covered with two convenient locations. Call us today at (877) 722-1116 to book a reservation.

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