Did you know that Jeeps are actually the most popular rental vehicle on Maui? That’s because they’re adventurous and comfortable—just like the island itself. And at Allsave Car Rental Maui, if you’re considering renting a Jeep for any reason, whether you’re a local or visiting from out of town, we can help.

Here are some of the reasons that Jeeps are such a popular choice on Maui!

Jeeps are Dependable

Jeeps are known for their ability to handle well on rugged terrain and the natural roads of the island. Both out-of-towners and locals alike love driving Jeeps here. They’re truly remarkable vehicles!

Jeeps Make You Want to Explore

Don’t they? There’s just something about a Jeep that makes you feel adventurous. They truly make you feel free and ready for anything.

jeep by the water
photo credit: public domain via sargentschutt.com

Jeeps Provide an Exhilarating View of the Outdoors

Depending on if you get an open-air Jeep or not, they can be wildly entertaining to check out your surroundings. Even if you get a Jeep with doors, they make perfect viewing vehicles.

Kids Love Jeeps

Have a family? Great! Kids love Jeeps. Maybe it’s because they’re unique, maybe it’s because they’re adventurous, or maybe it’s because Jeeps are in so many movies—but kids love them!

Jeeps Are Fun to Drive

Driving and riding in a Jeep is an experience. They don’t feel quite like any other vehicle, and driving them is very fun! They seem to go hand-in-hand with the island.

Jeeps Can Go Anywhere

Maui is the perfect place to let go and explore, and a Jeep is the ultimate ride for that! Built like a tank, able to get through almost anything, and very comfy to boot!


Want a Jeep rental? AllSave Car Rental has you covered! Contact our rental agents at (808) 875-9200, or request an online reservation today! Whether you want an open-air Jeep or one with doors, we offer the most relaxed rental policies in the area and superior customer service!

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