Packing and moving can be a chore, even when you live in Hawaii. At Allsave Car Rental Maui, we know what it takes to turn moving day into a worry-free day. Take a look at some of our top moving tips and get ready to pack that cargo van in a flash.

Get Organized

  • Stock up on boxes, packing tape, markers, and tissue paper or newspaper.
  • Choose a date and enlist friends and family to help. Make sure there are snacks and beverages waiting at the other end.
  • Avoid last minute disappointment by reserving a cargo van or pick up truck well ahead of time. Allsave has some of the best prices on Maui and a reliable fleet of rentals from which to choose.
  • Notify your insurance providers, bank, credit card companies, utility providers, and anyone else who regularly sends you mail of your change of address. By notifying the postal service of your moving date you can have your mail re-routed.

Pack It Up

  • When packing, be sure to label all of your boxes based on the room they need to be placed in at the new house (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen…) so your movers place them in the right spot from the start. Have a couple of boxes labeled “unpack first” that hold the essentials that you’ll need in the first couple of days.
  • Avoid broken boxes and strained backs by placing heavier items into smaller boxes and lighter items into larger boxes. You could also pick up a couple of wardrobe boxes to save time on packing clothes.
  • Fragile items can be protected by wrapping in newspaper, tissue paper or even dishcloths, towels and linens to maximize space.

Moving Day

  • Pick up your rental truck or cargo van the night before or nice and early on the day of so you can make the most of your moving day.
  • Be sure the home you’re moving into has been cleaned before you start trying to move things in. You don’t want to be mopping or scrubbing bathrooms when you have a house full of people waiting on you to bring furniture into the house.
  • If your Realtor or landlord hasn’t had the locks rekeyed, get those done asap. You don’t know how many copies of the old key are floating around out there.
  • Take time to stop and take a deep breath and be thankful for the help and the new home.

Do you have questions regarding moving day vehicle rentals? Contact Allsave Car Rental Maui at (808) 875-9200. We can help you find answers and assist in making a reservation. And for other occasions, we have a wide range of car rentals, Jeep rentals, SUVs, minivan rentals, and more! Check out our specials before booking.

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