The Road to Hana is a popular route with visitors to Maui who want to experience its unparalleled scenery while learning more of the history of the area. While some tour companies offer guided van tours, most people prefer to explore the route at their own pace in a rental car. The winding road to Hana is an amazing way to explore east Maui, just make sure you drive safely, only stop where it is safe to park, and take time to enjoy the natural wonders along the way.

What Is The Road To Hana?

This legendary highway starts in Kahului and meanders along Maui’s eastern coastline for 52 miles on its way to Hana Town. Probably most famous for its hairpin turns, 59 bridges, and 620 curves, there are literally hundreds of spots that will take your breath away and make you want to stop to take them in and snap some photos. But this road trip isn’t just about the bridges! Along the way, the road is flanked by breathtaking waterfalls, unspoiled rainforest, and unmatched views of the ocean. Stop for a short hike, go for a swim, watch world-class surfers, visit the botanical gardens or arboretum, refuel at a local farm stand with a fresh smoothie or tasty banana bread…There really is something for everyone along the road to Hana.

You Can’t Stop Everywhere!

If you were to stop at every pretty or interesting spot along the way, it would literally take days to travel this short highway. Doing some research ahead of time will help you pinpoint the attractions that you don’t want to miss before you head out onto the road. Of course, we always encourage a little spontaneity, too!

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