Maui is a beautiful, magical place any time of the year. But one of the things that makes spring on Maui an extra-special time of the year is that it’s the peak of whale-watching season. Every year, humpback whales migrate into Hawaiian waters during the winter months and then begin their migration back north in April. To catch the peak of whale season, grab a rental car from Allsave Car Rental Maui and head off for the whale-watching adventure of a lifetime!

Whale-Watching Maui

The Basics about Humpbacks

Typically, humpback whales descend upon Hawaiian waters in December and stay until April or May. The whales visit Hawaii each year to breed and give birth in the warm tropical waters. Humpback whales swim slowly and close to shore, so visitors are able to see them from boat or land. Humpbacks are also very curious creatures; they are known to peek their heads above the water to observe visitors and show off by slapping the water with their fins and tail.

Whale-Watching from the Sea

For a close-up of these majestic creatures, a marine whale-watching tour is the best option. There are dozens of companies on Maui that conduct tours, most of which are located at Lahaina Harbor. There are options to suit every type of seaman, including kayaks, rafts, double-decker tour boats, catamarans, and sailboats. 

Whale-Watching from the Shore

Because humpbacks swim close to shore, they are easily visible from dry land as well. For a chance at spotting these whales, you’ll want to head over to the west shore of the island. Keawakapu Beach, a public beach located between Kihei and Wailea, is a popular location for whale-watchers. Keep an eye out for sprays of water as the whales blow spouts into the air. If you’re lucky, you might even see a whale leap out of the water!

Rent a Car and Head to the West Shore

Maui is one of the premier whale-watching locations in the entire world. With convenient locations in Kihei and near the Maui Airport, Allsave makes whale-watching a cinch. With our full fleet of rental cars, you can travel the coast searching for whales in comfort. We offer affordable Jeep, truck, SUV, van, and car rentals to accommodate groups of all sizes. For all of your car rental needs on Maui, call (808) 875-9200 or make an online reservation request today.

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